3D Part Reconstruction Algorithms

The expert system software is designed for part refurbishing, matching and reconstruction. Software has 3D model navigation capabilities, and allows user to build new models based on models in database. Introduced an algorithm of 3D model reconstruction based on the model symmetries. 3D Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the software allows user to visualize 3D part matching and reconstruction processes, view the animation of reconstruction algorithm and manipulate the database. Expert system project is funded by TACOM. Designed algorithm and results are submitted for publication in International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology. Reconstruction algorithm is shown on mechanical parts of TACOM-s main interest.


Three different applications of symmetric reconstruction and mesh building algorithms. Final results from the shape reconstruction algorithm shows:


(a) damaged model that needs to be repaired. (b) Layered representation of the broken section/volume for rapid manufacturing.



The results of this research have been published in international journal.
Yenokyan L., Zakarian A., Mohanty P. and Avagyan V. "Symmetric Reconstruction Algorithms for Incomplete 3D Models"    International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology (2009) Volume 34 ,  Issue 2.