Faboola CMS

Faboola Content Management System (CMS)

The open and extendable framework for Content Managmenet Systems (CMS) - Faboola was developed as part of Vertical Stretch Technologies projects. Faboola allows creating websites and managing web content with very convinient sets of tools. Instead of using one of the open source frameworks Joomla! or Dropal, we found that creating our own Faboola (from the word Faboolous) would provide our clients with the best sets of tools, without overcomplicating the procedures.

Below is the typical dashboard layout with customizable modules with simple drag and drop operations.

Arranging the menu items and creating or listing new ones does not get any easier than this

The body of the pages can be edited in the pure HTML or in the WYSIWYG editor, that allows manipulating rich text, images, links and more:

Special tool is available for creating and conviniently managing multiple galleries:

All the items can be accessed, edited and moved at any time. Faboola also has a tool allowing fast localization of the websites, to multiple languages:

It also offers powerful user and permission management tools. We are committed to constantly updating and renovating the product. Please checkout our website www.vstretch.com to learn more about our projects.