Faboola Content Management System

The open and extendable framework for Content Managmenet Systems (CMS) - Faboola was developed as part of Vertical Stretch Technologies projects. Faboola allows creating websites and managing web content with very convinient sets of tools. Instead of using one of the open source frameworks Joomla! or Dropal, we found that creating our own Faboola (from the word Faboolous) would provide our clients with the best sets of tools, without overcomplicating the procedures.
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3D Bone Retrieval and Scaffold Modeling

Developed software that allows designing bone, bone scaffolds, and change mechanical characteristics, such as scaffold porosity, density and material. 3D Graphical User Interface of the software allows user to model the scaffold and view how scaffold changes affect on the bone. Introduced approach of designing human limb prostheses, based on healthy instance of the other limb by mirror reconstruction. Software is currently used by the members of university research group.
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3D Part Reconstruction Algorithms

The expert system software is designed for part refurbishing, matching and reconstruction. Software has 3D model navigation capabilities, and allows user to build new models based on models in database. Introduced an algorithm of 3D model reconstruction based on the model symmetries.
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Learning Decision Sequence

Download my presentation: PPT [~ 5MB]
Donwlad my thesis:PDF [~ 1MB]

Machine learning is the ability of a computer to improve its problem solving capability based on previous results...
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Product ASSembly Sequence

The automation task is widespread and has a great variety of applications in industry and manufacturing. Nowadays most part of the work in part factories assembly plants are replaced by robots with automated behavior. This project demonstrates how Learning in Artificial Intelligence can be used to learn based on prior experience and optimize the sequence.
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Agent-based Learning System

The system learns and makes predictions/suggestions on expert provided input. This software is generic and makes prediction on user-specified input. As the learning advances prediction accuracy improves with each new input.
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Gas Prices Prediction Using Neural Networks

In this project Neural Networks are used to predict gas prices in US based on price variation tendencies for last 6 years.
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E/R to Relational Schema Converter

This is a software tool which generates relational database schema based on user defined Entity-Relation conceptual schema. The software is scalable and is tested to handle much large E/R diagrams descriptions.
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